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Toll Free: 877 373 7248




Secant Piles are constructed by drilling and concreting intersecting circular piles.  Reinforcement of the piles can be achieved using either structural steel members or reinforcing steel cages.


Secant piles are commonly used as support for deep excavations and provide a barrier against seepage migration into the excavation.  Secant piles offer a solution for sealed  shafts and an alternate solution to traditional pile and lagging shoring.


They can be designed as free standing system or in some cases be tied back with the use of anchors.


Our Front of Wall System provides the most flexibility and allows us to place the piles in close proximity to existing structures. This system provides a fully cased hole that ensures the ground directly beneath existing structures is not disturbed and also aids in pile verticality.

  • Secant piles in excess of 32” (750 mm) in diameter
  • Secant piles to depths exceeding 80 feet (25 m) deep

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