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Toll Free: 877 373 7248




A cement-bentonite or soil-bentonite Cut-Off Wall’s (COW) primary purpose is to mitigate the flow of groundwater.  The COW is constructed using a trench cutter and can be installed in almost  any soil conditions.  The trench cutter makes ‘bites’ to excavate rectangular panels in the earth.


The plan geometry is infinitely variable, to accommodate any plan layout of the future structure within the COW barrier.  The COW acts as a barrier, enabling varying construction  to proceed inside the cut-off wall.  When the panels are contiguously cut, the perimeter of the COW can total thousands of feet in length.

  • Cut-off Wall up to 8 feet (2.5 m) wide
  • Cut-off Wall to depths exceeding 400 feet (120 m)
  • Infinite plan geometry able to encompass any shape

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