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Advanced Construction Techniques’ (ACT’s) proven leadership in data collection, monitoring and process control on seepage mitigation projects spans more than a decade providing increasingly innovative solutions on each engagement. ACT’s IntelliSystem (patent pending) is a revolutionary step forward for computer monitoring and technology integration. Designed to be the information hub of any seepage mitigation project, IntelliSystem can receive telemetry from any data producing equipment/instrument, calculate engineering values, employ artificial intelligence to guide operations and provide timely, robust reporting on all project data. Graphical, intuitive interfaces provide control and monitoring of real-time information, ensuring operations are completed with the highest level of accuracy while reducing construction risk.


Integrating IntelliSystem with ESRI’s ArcGIS Geographical Information System (GIS) has spatially enabled project data to provide a real-time operational picture. GIS also allows project personnel to analyze data with new and powerful methodologies that bring a new understanding to underground conditions. IntelliSystem provides read-only access to all of these functionalities for the client and mangers through local project terminals and internet connected web applications. By incorporating the latest technologies, IntelliSystem is the most advanced and reliable data collection, monitoring and process control system in the seepage mitigation industry.


As an information hub, IntelliSystem takes in information from Data Producers, processes the data and then makes the raw values as well as processed results available to an array of Data Consumers. Data Producers can be anything from project equipment to vehicles to field devices and instruments. IntelliSystem has been designed to be flexible which allows the system to receive data from virtually any Data Producer. Data Consumers can be any application or module that uses data from the IntelliSystem database. Applications such as the monitoring interface, GIS modules, reporting application, alarming and deviation analysis packages are all considered Data Consumers.


IntelliSystem distinguishes itself as a true industrial IT system because it uses industrial components and employs a proprietary event based communications module that transmits data in the system within fractions of a second of an event. This huge leap forward for industrial monitoring systems eliminates the need for system modules to continuously poll for new data. This increases the efficiency of the system and reduces lag time between an event happening and operations personnel reading the resulting data.


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