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Slurry Walls (also known as Element Walls) are deep trenches excavated in the soil into which reinforcement is placed. Excavation is accomplished by cutting panels into the ground using a trench cutter. Trench stability is maintained using suspensions of bentonite or polymer slurries. Once excavated, reinforcement is set in the trench, followed by the placement of structural concrete using tremie pipes.


The result is a structural wall system that provides temporary earth support, as well as the permanent foundation system.


When the panels are contiguously cut, the perimeter of the diaphragm wall can total thousands of feet in length.

  • One of the only Bauer BC50 Trench Cutters available in North America
  • Slurry Walls to widths of 78” (2,000 mm)
  • Slurry Walls to depths in excess of 200 feet (60 m)


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