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A Pile in Self-Hardening Grout (PSHG) Wall is an intermediate solution between a soldier beam and lagging wall and a diaphragm wall excavation system. A PSHG wall consists of pre-fabricated segments of soldier beams with timber lagging lowered into pre-excavated trenches full with a cement bentonite mixture (self-hardening grout). The trenches are constructed utilizing a trench cutter or clam shell. A PSHG wall system provides a rigid structural excavation support system, while the bentonite grout provides a water cut-off wall.


A PSHG wall system eliminates the need for a separate water cut-off to be constructed alongside the primary excavation support structure.


ACT owns the only CBC 32 machine equipped with a BC 32 Trench Cutter available in North America. This machine is ideal for the confines of an urban environment.

  • PSHG walls up to 59” (1,500 mm) wide
  • PSHG walls to depths exceeding 200 feet (60 m)
  • Alternative support of excavation method

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