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Toll Free: 877 373 7248

Toll Free: 877 373 7248




ACT offers a broad scope of geotechnical instrumentation installation services.  Piezometers, inclinometers and extensometers, to name a few, are commonly used to monitor site conditions.  We also offer monitoring systems capable of detecting movement in structures and monuments including crack gauges, liquid level sensors, or robotic survey.


Each of these types of instruments and systems has distinct advantages.  Automated systems can be set up using transmitters and data loggers to record, save, and alert for  problems. Reports can be generated with this data at any desired interval for record keeping and reporting to our clients.  These systems can be customized to fit any  project size or data collection frequency needed.


From instruments requiring overburden and core drilling, to integrated monitoring systems for tunnel and excavation support, ACT has the experience and knowledge to assemble a plan to fit our client’s needs.

  • Settlement detection
  • Structure monitoring
  • Integrated automated systems

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