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Soil Nails are steel reinforcing members that are typically installed in a closely spaced grid pattern, fully grouted, passive (non-tensioned) anchors that when covered with shotcrete, create a cohesive mass with improved shear strength to prevent slope failure.


Soil nails are generally used where prestressing is either not possible or desired. They are advantageous when the slope being treated is vegetated with mature growth that can, by conscientious design and installation considerations, be preserved intact. Soil Nail Walls are constructed in stages/lifts using the top down method. Stages are excavated, followed by installation of the soil nails and shotcrete to support the stage. Successive stages are created by repeating this process until the desired bottom elevation is reached.

  • Soil nails up to 2” (50 mm) in diameter and to depths exceeding 50 feet (15 meters)

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