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Rock and Soil Anchors are structural members that are used to provide temporary or permanent structural support.   A rock or soil anchor consists of a tendon and an anchorage.  The tendon can  be one or more solid steel bars, a single hollow bar, or a bundle of high strength tensile steel strands.


After drilling, installation and grouting, the anchors are tested to ensure that they are capable of carrying the design loads.  Both performance and proof tests are performed  in accordance with PTI prior to locking the anchors off at the required load.  In some instances, anchors are installed but not stressed and remain passive.


Anchors can be hundreds of feet deep and typically carry working loads of 100 to 400 kips (445 to 1,780 KN) for each bar anchors.  Loads in excess of  2,000 kips (8,900 KN) can be achieved using multiple strand anchors.

  • Rock anchor capacities exceeding 2,000 kips (8,900 KN)
  • Dam stability
  • Tower foundations

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