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Compensation Grouting, sometimes referred to as fracture grouting, involves the injection of grout to intentionally fracture the ground, creating “grout lenses” to displace the surrounding soil in order to provide controlled heave of soils and structures.  It is commonly used to protect buildings by mitigating settlement caused by tunneling operations.


Sleeve port pipes (tube-a-manchettes), containing rubber sleeves over pre-drilled holes, or ports, for injection, are installed to facilitate compensation grouting.  An array of  sleeve port pipes are used to ensure complete coverage and control, in the area requiring treatment, is achieved.  Multiple injections are performed through the  sleeve port pipes, at discrete locations, in order to treat the area.


A surface monitoring program is required in order to monitor and provide early detection of surface movements so that the compensation grouting program can be initiated, controlled, and directed.


  • Detect and mitigate settlements of less than 1/32” (1 mm)
  • Building protection during tunneling.