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Toll Free: 877 373 7248




ACT has devised an innovative approach to view subgrade conditions with its IntelliCam system, offering a wide array of applications to the underground civil and geotechnical industry.  This system allows for first hand inspection of in-situ rock conditions.  ACT can offer our clients a better  perspective of in-situ conditions, which allows for a streamlined problem solving strategy.


The images can come in a wide variety of formats, from 360 degree high resolution images, to downhole video and resonant sonic logs where the clarity of borehole fluid does not  allow for a visual image to be obtained.


This system also offers borehole accuracy and precision checks.  Utilizing magnetometer and gyroscopic technology, IntelliCam can be tracked in the  borehole and map its location in space.  The use of these two devices allows IntellCam to be used in varying site conditions.

  • Imaging to depths exceeding 1,000 feet (300 m)
  • High resolution images
  • Downhole video

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