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Toll Free: 877 373 7248

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ACT is proud to be the pioneer and leader in the development and testing of new technology for the geotechnical industry. Our patented IntelliGrout® system has changed the evaluation of work performed in our field; separating us from our competitors. Initially conceived in 1995, IntelliGrout® is proprietary technology developed to monitor, record and evaluate grouting operations in real-time. With the first full scale application occurring in 1999, IntelliGrout® provided the geotechnical industry with never before available graphical AutoCAD representations of water testing and grouting data for closure analysis.


With the ongoing evolution of means, methods, equipment, technology, and ever growing need to gather project data; ACT continues to elevate the bar with the introduction of IntelliSystem (patent pending). IntelliSystem is a comprehensive integration of data collection from multiple sources, having real-time analytical capabilities through database functions, and data visualization through CADD and GIS modules. IntelliSystem is capable of accepting all project data and documentation, in all formats, to create a comprehensive project database. The database is secure and accessible through username and passwords for the entire project team from anywhere in the world.