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Toll Free: 877 373 7248




Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


The Penn Forest Dam is one of the largest RCC dams in the United States. As part of the construction for the RCC replacement dam, foundation grouting was the specified treatment to mitigate water seepage in the rock foundation below the new RCC dam. The 2,400 foot long grout curtain was specified as 3 rows constructed with split spaced holes 200 feet deep. ACT was the Prequalified Specialty Grouting Subcontractor responsible for installation of the specified grout curtain.


Work completed by ACT included: overburden and rock drilling, extensive water testing, diamond core drilling of grout holes, diamond core drilling of 300 foot deep near horizontal drainage relief holes in the gallery of the dam, and pressure grouting of 135,000 lineal feet of grout holes. A computer monitoring program was used to display, record and direct the grouting program. All work associated with the grout curtain installation was performed concurrent with the construction of the new RCC replacement dam without experiencing any delays in schedule.



Client: Conti Enterprises Inc.

Owner: City of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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