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Toll Free: 877 373 7248




Niagara Falls, New York


The Niagara Falls Water Board’s Falls Street Tunnel was experiencing groundwater infiltration. ACT’s work to reduce the water infiltration included two separate grout lines intersecting a leaking rock tunnel sewer, along with carefully planned grouting along the path of a 60-inch diameter sewer. The grouting program targeted infiltration reduction through the pipe and structure bedding materials.


Initial exploratory holes were installed to determine the extents of the bedding materials surrounding the tunnel, which in some cases were non-existent. The work included installation of overburden casing, rock drilling, water pressure testing, along with mixing and injecting balanced stable grout mixes. Verification holes were drilled and water pressure tested; validating that the grouting program was a success.



Client: Spiniello Infrastructure Worldwide

Owner: Niagara Falls Water Board

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